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“Quick note to say thanks for sorting everything out yesterday. She’s running like a dream”


“We’d like to thank you very much for the excellent service you have given us over the years, always reliable, prompt and professional.”


"Thank you very much for all of your good work in keeping her ship shape and Bristol fashion, for as long as that side of things were in your care. You served her (and us) extremely well."


"Thanks for the excellent service on Monday."


"we are very pleased with the way the boat is now performing and it is a real treat to turn the key and for the engine to burst into life."


"It has been good knowing you and your team at the marina, thank you for all your help and kindness given to us over the years."


"Yet again your endeavours on our behalf have been first class; and we are most grateful for your personal skill in getting things sorted out."


"Many thanks, and I must say we have really appreciated your work over the years."


"The great thing about you and your business is that we always have known exactly where we stand. Right from the start you have given time to us as customers and you take time to explain things that are not necessarily immediately obvious."


"we are very pleased with all the work you have undertaken and we appreciate the care and attention you have so obviously taken in completing this work."



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PDF Downloads for Winterising

Downloads now available for customer winterising instruction forms, and menu price list.  Please view DOWNLOADS & PRICE LIST